'Innovation and Excellence' 

Research, innovation and performance are at the heart of the Mecaspring group's philosophy.This approach to excellence is very concretely demonstrated through:

  • Continuous investment in human capital and skills development

  • Constant monitoring of market expectations and technological advances

  • A state-of-the-art machine pool benefiting from the most advanced technologies

  • The development of 'made-to-measure' prototypes

  • A centralized computer system for efficient quality-production management and commercial and technical monitoring


'Your partner in the very heart of Europe'

The production units of the Mecaspring group are currently located in Herstal, Cheratte and Wandre in the Province of Liège.

Since the end of 2012, Mecaspring has been centralizing all its production and logistics in a single 6,600 square metre site, ideally located in the industrially-zoned area of Hauts-Sarts (At Herstal, in the Liège region, Belgium).

Hence, we benefit from a strategic position at the crossroads of an effective transportation network of motorways, rail, water and air.

We benefit in particular from the proximity of the logistics at Bierset Airport, which guarantees a high level of responsiveness and ensures delivery of your parts in record time, and across the entire world.